Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Lizard Lick Fine Paper Mill Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

The Lizard Lick Fine Paper Mill - Essay Example Its prominence can be gauged from the fact that this was the single place where executives wanted to be posted for furthering their career in the group. Â  Similar is the case of George Golden, Plant Manager, who was posted here three years ago, to be groomed for an eminent position in the group headquarters as the career-ending spell. He is known for his hard-driving force and capability of setting high standards in every division and for his ability to lobby in the highest echelons for the benefit of the company. Â  LLF commenced business on D-Day; the day of the Allied invasion of Europe and ever since has been a model of productive competence. It is the sole provider of jobs for seventy-five miles around and the area has seen a transformation since its inception. Until a few years ago it had a daily routine production of high-quality paper of 700 tonnes. The Return on Assets (ROA) was an astounding 32%. It produces fine paper, as distinguished from Kraft paper by its white color, smoothness and fiber content that is used for stationery, photocopying, and printing. It is packed in large rolls of 1000 pounds each and shipped in Box-cars from the adjacent rail-yard. Unfortunately, the production has fallen to 550 tonnes per day and there are complains from 50% of customers on quality. Â  The mill itself consists of various machinery used in the four processes required for producing paper. Starting from Pulping, proceeding to Liquoring and then to the continuous-process machine, the size of ten football fields, to produce huge sheets of paper that are rolled into 1000 pounders at the last stage.

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